Participating in the study

A copy of the Participant Information Sheet can be found here.

Completing the online survey

The online survey is comprised of a core module and a series of additional modules. The core module takes 15-20 minutes to complete and asks about your experiences with depression and anti-depressants. The additional modules ask about your family background, education, as well as your general physical and mental health. These additional modules take up to 40 minutes to complete and cannot be accessed until the core module is completed.   A table of contents is included with these additional modules to help you navigate the remainder of the survey.

Both the core module and the additional modules are designed so that you can log off the survey at any time and return to where you left off by clicking the survey link you were emailed when you registered.

The survey remembers where you left off by saving a cookie in your browser; if the survey link can’t access this cookie, it cannot remember where you left off and will take you back to the beginning. So if you would like to complete the questionnaire over multiple sessions returning to where you left off each time, you need to use the same device and browser, which must have 'Cookies' enabled.

Some devices have cookies disabled as a default setting, while specific Internet settings such as ‘private browsing’ also disable cookies. You may need to check their device and browser settings if intending to do the survey over multiple sessions.

In order to return to complete the survey, you will need to open the link that was emailed to you, using the same device and the same browser. The email looks like this, and the link is circled in red:

Thanks Participant for agreeing to participate in the Genetics of Risk and Response to Treatment of Depression (MDD) study.

You can access the questionnaire using the following link:

Link to questionnaire

The questionnaire will save your answers, allowing you to return to the last question you answered.

In order to return to where you were up to – you would need to have had your cookies enabled when you first logged in. If you find that you are returned to the beginning, even though you are on the same device and browser, cookies may not have been enabled.

If you are returned to the beginning, to continue your participation in the study, you will need to start the core module again. If you are willing to do this, please return to the email we sent you when first started, and click the survey link to begin again.

Providing a saliva sample

If you are having trouble producing a sample, please perform the following techniques:

  • visualise squeezing a half-lemon;
  • don’t wait for 30 mins after eating.

Please note that any volume is useful, even with bubbles.

If you are still unable to produce a sample, take a teaspoon of water, vigorously swish it around in your mouth and add that to the tube.


Participate in our survey to help us
better understand the genetics of depression