Cracking the genetic code of clinical depression

Next Monday, August 21, 2017 scientists will publish interim data in MJA InSight from the world’s largest genetic investigation into clinical depression.1 The data will reveal how thousands of Australians have been compelled to use guesswork in juggling multiple antidepressants to manage their illness, some of which carry severe side-effects.1

The alarming insights will see study investigators call for more personalised, targeted approaches to optimise treatment outcomes.1

Coinciding with publication of the interim data, study investigators and participants will join forces with high profile mental health advocates, including Osher Günsberg, Dan Hunt, Julie McDonald and Mitch Wallis, to issue an urgent appeal for 10,000 adult volunteers who have been treated for clinical depression, to enrol in this transformative study.

To learn more about the interim study findings, and assist scientists to pinpoint the genes that cause clinical depression, to help improve treatments, and ultimately find a cure for the illness afflicting one-in-seven Australians,2 stay tuned for this coming Monday.